You Get Paid

That's right, for every 1000 times our banner shows up on your website, or on any place you put it on, you get paid. We're talking real money here, we're talking US dollars.

Tremendous Leverage

The great thing about our pay-per-view program is that we give you a tremendous amount of leverage and leeway as to where you can put it and how you present our code. As long as you do not change the code or cheat in any way, you
can rest assured you will get paid. We've been in business for this long; we are not in the business of steering people wrong. If you do the work by putting up our code, and you drive traffic, you will get paid.

No Games

If you have tried your hand at other PPV or CPC deals, you probably already know that not all programs fail. There are too many fly by night operations out there. This is the sad reality. It is too easy to get burned. If you’re feeling jaded, burned out, or discouraged, you have definitely come to the right place because we don’t play any games. As long as your traffic is real and you played by our rules, you will get paid. No questions asked. This is what makes our program stand out.

Not Us

Other programs would make you jump through so many hoops so they can trip you up. They do this so they can find a way to get out from under paying you. Not us. We do not engage in such shenanigans.

Why Should You Put Up Our Ads?

Let's face it

Most of your traffic won't be back unless you have a mailing list or a newsletter system where you feed that traffic to a squeeze page, so you can turn each and every hit into an email subscriber. Chances are, those people will never be back, and their relationship with your website is on a one-and-done basis.

If you want to squeeze as much value out of your hard-earned traffic, listen up. We enable you to make money for each and every unique visitor to your website. As long as they load our ads according to our terms, you will get paid for their stay. It doesn't matter whether they buy anything, or whether they click on the ad, as long as they fully view the ad and you don't engage in any tricks. We will make sure that you get paid per 1000 views of the ads you show on your site.

We Help You Make More Money

If you're an online publisher, you're in this business to make money. You are looking to work once and make money many times over. This is of course called passive income.

  • Now, it's one thing to read about passive income and be impressed by its qualities, it's another to actually create a system that produces passive income. The difficulty really lies on how advertisers work with publishers. There's so many advertisers out there that make publishers jump through so many different hurdles, and impose all sorts of restrictions on them.
  • We've decided to play the game differently. So instead, we give you maximum freedom and flexibility. This means you get different niches. We support all types of pages and most importantly, we support almost all countries.
  • That's right, we understand there are a lot of countries out there that generate traffic, that are not very highly valued by the market. We don't play those games. Regardless of where your traffic comes from, as long as you show our ads the right way, you will get paid competitive rates. That's more than we can say for most of the other pay-per-view or pay-per-click platforms out there. We have very few rules as long as you're a straight shooter and you send real traffic, you will get paid.

We Understand Making Money Off Websites is Hard

The first time you rolled up your sleeves to put up websites to earn money on your spare time, you probably learned firsthand how hard it is. It's one thing to get all excited about putting up a blog or a resource site. It's another to actually make money off that online property. Believe us, we've been where you are; we've definitely been in your shoes. That's why our system makes it easier.

Flexible System

Paid to Promote, goes out of its way to create a flexible system. Regardless of where your traffic comes from, we accept most traffic, and are very flexible as to the type of traffic we get.

Advertiser Recruitment System

On top of all this we have a very aggressive advertiser recruitment system. This is why we have a tremendous inventory of ads, and the more inventory you have available to you, the more money you will make.

Tracking System

On top of all of this, is our amazing tracking system. It's completely solid, you won't have to lose any sleep wondering whether any of your traffic is being counted accurately. We account for each and every hit that you generate as long as it's real, and as long as its flesh and blood human beings creating those links and clicks, you will get paid.

We Offer Competitive Advertising Solutions

You have come to the right place.

If you're a competitor and you are looking for a cost-effective way to push whatever products and services you're selling online, you have come to the right place. We have a tremendous network of eager, driven, and creative publishers who work really hard to drive traffic.

To tap into this amazing pool of traffic so you can minimize your advertising costs, we have built our system with return on investment in mind. By partnering with us, you tap into an amazing network of proven publishers that would enable you to reach a very wide audience and convert a healthy chunk of that audience to maximize your bottom line.