Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews

Heat transfer vinyl, also termed as T-shirt vinyl or HTV, iron-on vinyl, is a special variety of vinyl that can be incorporated into a fabric. The activation of the adhesive found on the vinyl is done through heating. This vinyl is available in packs, rolls, and sheets. Whenever you receive your vinyl, you will see a front and back section. The front section is the shiny side which is the carrier sheet that can be removed after the completion of your project. The back section is the matte side and you will have to cut the side after creating your design. In addition, the side also has the heat-activated adhesive. For the best heat transfer vinyl reviews, visit

The use of vinyl is regarded as one of the common ways of creating advertisements. Vinyl is a polymer that is usually embedded on billboards to create a clearer view of advertisements.

At present, vinyl is now used for other purposes. Vinyl heat transfer papers are now used for incorporating designs into a variety of fabric.

There are reasons why vinyl is widely used as a means of making heat transfer papers, the main reason is that it is designed with a polymer-based chemical. The second reason is that it is translucent and this fact is an important criterion.

In the design of dye sublimation, a polymer base is of utmost importance. The process of using vinyl for sublimation printing is simple. A vinyl sheet is pierced into the right shape and it is fed directly into the dye sublimation printer. The image is then viewed on the computer, flipped to the right direction and afterward, the vinyl is used to print out the design via the dye sublimation printer. For dye sublimation printing, the printer ink goes directly from solid to the gaseous state, without passing through the liquid state. This implies that there is no time required to dry out the printer ink. Once the image comes out in the printed form, the design can then be transferred to any material. For instance, if you intend to incorporate design into a T-shirt, an iron can be used to facilitate the process. At first, the T-shirt will have to be pressed to remove wrinkles and moisture. Within a short period, the image is transferred to the clothing material.

It is also applied in wide-format inkjet printers and the technique is somewhat similar. First, an image is designed and transferred into the computer for storage. There is numerous image editing software out there to create crisp and crystal clear graphics. Afterward, the image created the need to be printed in hard copy using the wide format inkjet printer. After preparing the vinyl heat transfer paper, the image can be incorporated into any other material to create advertisements or to design several items like hats, caps, bags, T-shirts, and a host of others.

A vinyl heat transfer paper is cheaper to get coupled with heat transfer printing technology, it can be used to create attractive designs at a very low cost. There is little or no difference in the way a vinyl heat transfer paper operates compared to other heat transfer papers. Once you fully understand the technological processes involved, using it will become easier and simpler.