Canopy Tent Reviews – A Look at the Different Variations of Canopies

Before you start hunting for the ideal canopy tent, you are advised to read Canopy Tent Reviews to know what is suitable for you. This will give you the chance to narrow your options. Canopy tents are available in several shapes and sizes. We have been able to come across several sizes like 3 x 3 ft. pet canopies and the 20 x 40 ft. collapsible reception pavilions. Although there aren't clearly defined thresholds that separate categories of canopy tents, so I like to classify the shelters into two categories: heavy-duty and portable. To us, “heavy duty” simply implies that it is too heavy for someone to carry and install themselves.


In some cases, you would not want to expend time planning the logistics behind mounting and transporting a canopy tent. For these circumstances, I recommend the portable canopy tent. Portable canopy tents are the ideal choice for tailgating, picnics, camping, beach use, and other events. They can be easily moved to the trunk of a car and be pulled on wheels by a single person. In fact, two persons can mount portable canopy tents within a short period of time. They usually come at a moderate price rate within the range of $100-$200. Because of their portability and affordability, they have become more popular than others.

Portable canopy tents are ideal for short-term use. You are only required to use a portable shelter for a single day. The anchors are designed to provide support for the shelter for a short period, but it is expected that the stakes will eventually remove from the ground and tie-downs cannot be an infraction. The canopy fabric is designed to withstand little external elements but if the equipment is exposed to intense environmental elements, it will cause the edges of the material to fade, the colors to fade as well as intensify the appearance of tears along the seams.


Some situations have shown that shelter should be given the highest consideration and that it is better to allocate resources to the installation and transportation of the canopy. In these scenarios, I recommend that you opt for a  heavy-duty canopy tent. I suggest that you use the heavy-duty canopy tents whenever you are planning a large event like receptions, reunions, weddings etc. We advise that you choose the heavy-duty canopy tents to permanently solve any issue that may arise. For instance, the carports. We also advise that you go for heavy-duty canopies for trading activities such as yard sales, craft shows, etc. If you don't want to be in a situation whereby you need to alter or maintain your shelter due to the intensity of the weather, then a heavy-duty canopy is likely the most appropriate equipment for you.

Heavy-duty canopy tents are specially made to last for a long period of time. If you install a heavy-duty canopy tent in the proper way, then it will be better to leave it installed for weeks or even for years, depending on the variety you purchase. It can withstand any weather condition without breaking or requiring maintenance. The stakes are of larger size and are firmly rooted into the ground thereby ensuring that bad weather won't affect their strength and robustness.