Determining the best ceiling fans is not as easy as you think


The funny thing about the word “the best” is the fact that everybody uses it. Indeed, people say the phrase “the best” so much that people fail to sell. As an online promotions blog, we can't help but cry buckets of tears about this sad reality. It seems that online promoters have beat “the best” into the ground. It's a dead horse that we loved to flog, but we keep hitting it over and over again as if too many of us don't know any better.

This really is the sad state of online promotions. Because if you were able to wrap your mind around one central truth, you probably would be able to sell a lot more. You probably would be able to take long term vacations all over the world while you get paid on auto pilot. How does this work?

It's all about proper positioning. For example, if you are selling the best ceiling fans, understand the profile of the typical buyer of that product. That's the bottom line. The best resource that you can find is Facebook. Facebook is actually a personal data spying platform. Mark Zuckerberg is not going to admit to this, but Facebook's technology is all about getting in your head.

The moment you click on a link or you share a reaction on a post or you lend your comment to any type of content someone shares, Facebook profiles you. Facebook actually keeps tabs of the topics that you are interested in and guess what happens? That's right. It shows ads that are related to that topic.

Well, you can use Facebook's technology to your advantage. By looking at the tried and proven content preferences of people who truly like the product you are offering, you can craft content that can go a long way in convincing people that the products you are pushing are actually the best ceiling fans they can ever set their eyes on.

Of course this doesn't happen overnight. It requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail. It also involves a tremendous amount of patience. But if you hang in there, you eventually will come up with a formula and boy will your bank account feel it.

Stick to the plan. It may seem not much of anything is happening now, but the more you commit, the better your results get.

It also helps to search for resources that help ease your search. There are actually many specialized blogs that focus on certain narrow niches of products. These blogs are written by people who try to be experts in their field. While the overarching focus of these blogs is still self-serving, you stand to benefit. Sure, they seek to make money off ads or affiliate product sales. However, they are going out of their way to offer information that normally won’t materialize by itself. Use this self-interest as some sort of filter instead of allowing yourself to be so turned off by any whiff of self-interest that you end up harming yourself by refusing to use such online resources.