Does Garage Floor Epoxy Really Work?

Garage floor epoxy paint is described as a high-grade paint ideally suited for concrete floors. It is generally used for garage and basement floors, laundry chambers, storerooms and utilitarian spaces. It comes in varieties of designs and colors, but the standard color is Gray. Concrete is a hard surface, and it is quite challenging for even the high-quality floor coatings. However, there are few things to consider. On CorePlanets, you will find several well-researched articles about garage floor epoxy.

Few techniques will help enhance the bonding of floor paint. Start the process by checking the surface for signs of moisture. Use a rubber mat to cover the floor surface or attach a taped plastic to bond the surface in different areas and let it remain in this form for a few days. If you notice that it is condensing or you find some water dripping from the beneath, you will need to apply an epoxy waterproof coating used as a topical moisture barrier.

If the floor is moisture-free or placed on top the basement, you should engrave the floor or incorporate the floor with a floor grinder or a shot blaster. For the concrete surface, Endeavor to profile the surface area to provide more floors for the bonding of the paint. Many manufacturers recommend the use of an acid etching solution. The downside of using an acid etch with a liquid is because it is ineffective and unproductive when applied on the floor. You might feel great that you engraved the surface, but it is not effective.

If the surface is used for driving always remember that the driving will cause resistance that increases the temperature of your tires. Floor paints cannot handle extreme temperature changes; that is the reason why you notice the detachment of floor coatings under tires. In the garage, you are expected to use a high-performance system. You will get the value for your money by doing it right. However, if your floor is moisture-free coupled with a low impact system, it is recommended to use a well-etched surface incorporated with garage floor epoxy paint.