Get More Traffic

you're a publisher and you're looking to make more money from Paid to Promote (a PPV program), listen up.

How to Get More Traffic For Your Site

If you're a publisher and you're looking to make more money from Paid to Promote (a PPV program), listen up. This program is actually the work of love, of more than five guys who are experienced publishers.

We know all the ups and downs of online publishing. We've been there ourselves, we know the tricks, we know the problems, and we know the solutions.

Here are just some basic ideas on how to generate more traffic. If you’re stopped, you've hit a wall, or you are beside yourself in trying to get your website to make more money, here are just some ideas that will help you take your traffic to the next level.

No Worthless Content

The first thing that you need to do is to stop publishing worthless content. I'm sorry to report this, but the vast majority of blogs and websites out there, have content that people really don't want to read.

Reverse Engineering

We share that traffic, we share that content, in the avenues or social media platforms on where the original was shared. In other words, we just reverse engineering both the content and the traffic of your competitors. This way, you make your competitors do your homework for you. Pretty nifty trick right?!

Get to Competitors

So how do you fix this problem? Well, first you need to go to your competitors and find their hottest content; this is content that is viral on social media. Now, you can tell if a piece of content gets a lot of likes or it gets retweeted a lot. Zero in on that content and come up with your own version.

Tricks Works

Well, this trick works all the time. This is how many people make millions of dollars, not every year, but every month from the internet. Hey, if they can do it, you can do it too.

Reverse Engineer Content That’s Already Hot

Interlink Your Content

A lot of people think traffic only comes from outside. While this is true of course, you are leaving a lot of traffic on the table, if you don't interlink your content. The last thing that you want to see happen is for people to go to your website and leave immediately. You want them to bounce around there for quite some time and you want them to click link after link, and get it deep into the guts of your website.

Why? The deeper they go into your website and the longer they dwell on your website, the higher the chance they would click on an ad; this can lead to you making more money. At the very least, you can impress them so well that they would invite their friends, or they themselves would come back over and over again.

Build a List to Get People to Come Back

One of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website, is to simply build a mailing list. When somebody visits your website, pop up a squeeze page, and when people fill in the squeeze page they get on your mailing list. Once they're on your mailing list, you are able to communicate to them so they can come back again and again. This way, you can recycle a lot of the traffic that you would have otherwise lost.

Now, you have to remember, most of the people that go to a particular webpage anywhere on the Internet, are there once. What a tremendous loss; what a shame. Do yourself a big favor, and get as many of those people back as possible, by simply inviting them to join a mailing list.

Repurpose Your Content and Share on Social Media

Think Again

You might be thinking that you want a simple blog; think again. Each and every blog post is actually the seed for a wide range of other content. You may have written a blog post, but you can turn it into a video script, and you can then share that video on YouTube.

Share Blog

You can strip an article or a blog post into a series of questions, and you can share that, along with the link to the original content, on Twitter.

Think Outside the Box

There's just so many things you can do with this. I know it's a cliché, but you need to think outside the box and repurpose your content so you can get more mileage out of it.