How to Identify the Best Tool Belts

How do we know if a tool belt is ideal for someone?  Well, the best tool belt helps to hold every tool in a secured position. However, this varies for each person regardless of the kind of work they do. Before you select a tool belt, you should peruse numerous reviews and take inventory of the accessories you need it to hold and also check if the belt you intend to get meets your requirement. This requirement may include screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, torpedo level, speed squeeze, tape measure, a framing hammer, and a host of others.  Click on to get expert reviews on tool belts.

Asides from getting a utility facility, another thing to take note of is the matching capability. How do you feel when you put on the tool belt? Does the tool belt weigh down? I suggest that you test the tool belt with various accessories to enable you to get the best fit.

Common materials include nylon, canvas, and leather and although leather is more popular than others, the low cost and light weight of nylon and canvas usually draw the attention of DIYers especially the ones who don't require an ultra-durable belt.

Which Tool Belt Material Is Best?

DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen who intend to get a tool belt that will stand the test of time, provide maximum utility, simple to use and of course, the maximum value for money, another important consideration is the selection of material which is used to manufacture the tool belt. Tool belts are generally crafted from numerous varieties of leather which include synthetic or a suede fabric construction.

Synthetic & Leather Tool Belts

The material you finally choose is the one that will offer the ideal solution to suit your individual needs and requirements; however, this will depend on the kind of work you intend to do and where it is done. Also, when making your final decision, you should also consider factors such as comfort and personal preference. There are several options within the leather category, which many consider as the optimum tool belt material.

Premium Cowhide Work Belt

The material that is considered as the overall best material for aprons, rigs and tool belts is oil tan leather which comes in form of cowhide grains mixed with blends of waxes and oils that further enhance the durability and make it ideal for heavy-duty outdoor use in all weather condition. This waterproofing makes it a perfect choice for Roofers and Builders who had to work under intense heat and rainfall while also carrying loads of weighty tools with them.

After the oil tan leather, the second material that comes next is top grain leather; buffed on the grain compartment thereby reducing the hardness and at the same time maintaining superb strength, and featuring suede on the other side. With this combination, it helps to resist puncture whilst also making it more comfortable to wear. Many carpenters and dry liners prefer to use this material.

The final option in the leather category is a hidden material, tanned which undergo several processes to create a suede finish on the two sides to offer flexibility and superb resilience. These tool belts come at a cheaper price rate and are budget-friendly which is perfect for indoor use, this is the entry level low-cost option for home use and many trades.