Importance of GPS To Locating Mobile Phones

At this present time, you no longer need to purchase this expensive paraphernalia in order to track the location of a mobile phone, according to, as these technologies are easily accessible through telecom companies. Now, let me provide some background details and a few options that would enable you to keep in touch with your family and friends.

How to track the location of a cellphone in case of emergency? Probably, one of the questions that disturb you most, due to the unforgettable event that happened on the 11th September 2001 is - "How do I track the location of a mobile phone in case of emergency? " This event stimulated the need for emergency calling capabilities, thus boosting the market demand for mobile gadgets to have GPS tracking technology. By the end of 2005, most cell phone carriers are capable of tracing phone calls within 100 meters.

Use GPS mobiles: Find out how to track a cell phone location.

In order to comply with the directives of FCC, cell phone carriers prefer to incorporate Global Positioning Technology into handsets, instead of completely transforming their tower network. Nevertheless, GPS technology available in most of the phones is different from the technology in GPS phones that you put in your possession while you go hiking. Generally, these mobiles prohibit you from having access to GPS data and thus, you must apply a wireless network in order to track a mobile number or get some hints about its current location. You will be able to track a cellphone location only if you contact 911 emergency services. If you intend to know how to track a cell phone location, I must reiterate that this is impossible to achieve if the cell phone owner you are looking for does not have the right type of gadget connected to a proper network and enjoying the right kind of services.

GPS enabled phones

If you would like to know how to track the location of a cell phone, you can contact the cellphone service providers for assistance. Motorola and Blackberry were the first GPS activated mobiles that increased in numbers in the United States. Earlier, Motorola "iDEN" was usually used for tracing the location of employees. Later on, GPS enabled Blackberries has increased massively in the marketplace, although only government or business executives and corporate VIPs were entitled to it. After this, more specialty devices were introduced to the marketplace keeping in mind the needs of senior citizens and children.

From the year 2009, numerous cell phone tracking services were introduced along with the already popular GPS enabled mobiles.

Wireless Networks

Although GPS enabled mobiles are efficient for tracking cell phone messages or cell phones, they can never show your location to others as long as you are not linked to any wireless network. In the United States, cell phone carriers control wireless networks that are designed for GPS tracking. It is impossible to liaise with cellphone carriers if you want to get information about a particular number.