PPV Traffic Worth

You’ve probably come across this question many times, and you probably have come across the misconception that PPV traffic is worthless.

How to Get More Traffic For Your Site

It's very easy to see why this myth is so prevalent in today's online traffic and advertising marketplace. This myth actually dates back from the day when people did not know what to do with PPV traffic. The idea back then was to show a banner enough times and hope that a certain percentage of people would click through and somehow, some way, enough of these people would turn into actual buyers. As you can well imagine, that's like taking shots in the dark; it hardly works. Accordingly, a lot of people who spend a tremendous amount of dollars trying to generate traffic that way, end up getting burned, and a myth is born.

The good news is, technology has changed so rapidly, that this myth as long-lived and persistent as it may be, no longer applies. It really doesn't.

PPV Traffic Works!

Why does PPV traffic work in the here and now? Well, first of all, many platforms such as ours, enable you to rotate banners. If you just put out a banner and it would rotate and this increases your chance of getting a click. You also are given the tremendous opportunity to find winners very quickly. You have to understand, that among ten banners that you run, probably only two would work; you need to find those two as quickly as possible.

Our system enables you to do just that. Once you're able to do that you can then tailor your content to the traffic; this is the secret.

A lot of people think that PPV traffic in of itself, must deliver the sales. Absolutely wrong! You have to do your end of the bargain. You can drive traffic to your website, but if you do not tailor fit the content, to fit that traffic, nothing's going to happen. We give you the technology in terms of traffic feeds, to make this happen, but you have to pick up the ball and run with it.

Best of all, if you believe in real-time traffic or conversion optimization, our offerings can definitely help you. You can test the conversion power of your new squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, or any other page you have put up for conversion purposes by simply blasting them with our traffic. It is a simple matter of filling out a form. Imagine that-you just fill out a form and all of a sudden, all this traffic appears so you can start analyzing your page’s conversion statistics and traffic flow. This is the information you need to come up with the very best converting pages in no time.

What can you do with it? Well, you can create conversion tunnels. Take hot traffic and turn it into cold hard cash, that's the way it's supposed to work.

So yes, PPV traffic works because it gives you the volume you need to craft a winning campaign. Cheap traffic can, and does, lead to conversions; you just need to play the game right.