Power Press Heat Press Reviews

The most common heat press on the Internet is the Power Press Heat Press. By a long shot, it is the Amazon bestseller. With a 4.2 star rating and more than 1100 reviews, it has certainly got something working for it. What makes this heat press very unique? Why should you consider this Power Press Heat Press for yourself? What has compelled more than 70% of buyers to leave glowing comments and a 5-star review? If you are fed up when it comes to the use of an iron for your transfers and you are ready to take it to a whole new level, this link will help you to know more about heat press machines.

Who should use the Power Press?

  • It is good for use as a craft or hobby press – for playing around with from time to time
  • It might be very good for those that need to create an extra income - make cash with your heat press.
  • It would be appropriate for newbies – those of you that want to start up and learn
  • It is appropriate for someone with a limited budget for a heat press – those of you in need of a cheap heat press!
  • This is an appropriate heat press for teenagers that want to know more about business - my daughters are too young to move close to one at the moment, however, they will be proficient as soon as possible!
  • For the little start-up t-shirt establishment – maybe you are selling some items through Facebook, or have started an Etsy store?
  • It is awesome for those wanting to make interesting gifts for your family, community, and friends!


  • A digital timer and temperature display
  • A Teflon-coated heat platen (thickened aluminum)
  • It is made with a heavy duty steel frame
  • A silicon base plate
  • Replaceable fuse and safe electrical system
  • An adjustable pressure knob
  • The ability to press flat items approx. 3/4 inch thick