Promoting bed bug extermination services has become so much easier, thanks to


Make no mistake about it. is a force to recon with. Nothing even comes close to when it comes to bed bug extermination services. A lot of exterminators out there, sadly, think that bed bugs are just another insect species. They think of bed bugs as really an after thought. Their primary focus involves mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, you know, the usual suspects.

This really is too bad because if you are dealing with an extermination service company that does not pay enough attention to a particular species, one of two things can happen. Either they overdo things and just pump so much chemicals in your living space that your home or surroundings become some sort of toxic chemical stew. Nobody wants to live in that situation. Nobody wants to be around that environment.

The other extreme is more likely. Since bed bugs are not at the top of their agenda and are not usually on their radar, they assume that the chemicals that they're already using will take care of bed bugs as well. In other words, they treat these insects as after thoughts. Believe it or not, this attitude among many extermination companies is actually quite common for both obvious and not so apparent reasons.

If you have called your local extermination company precisely because you have bed bugs and that is your sole focus, you're going to lose out time and time again. Regardless of where your local extermination company falls in the two scenarios that I have outlined above, you still end up in the same spot. That's right. You end up losing again and again.

You have to remember that bed bugs have certain behavioral patterns. If the service provider company you have hired to exterminate these pests don't pay attention to these behavioral problems, they might put chemicals and products where they don't belong. This leads to your problem getting worse. In fact, it might even just shift the location of bed bugs in your home.

In the worst case scenario, the service provider might even come up with chemicals that may kill some of the bed bugs, but after enough generations, the bed bugs that suck your blood become chemical resistant. In other words, it's anybody's guess what chemicals will kill them and you become more and more miserable.

I'm sure you don't need me to remind you of how bad bed bug infestations can be. They can cost a lot of damage on your skin and if you are prone to really severe allergic reactions, bed bug secretions or chemical signals can even lead to possibly life threatening allergic reactions.

There's a lot at stake here. So do yourself a big favor and go to While I understand that there are a lot of better promoted extermination services out there, go with the best. This is not a question of promotion excellence. Instead, this is a question of your family's health and safety. Act accordingly.