Southwestern Area Rugs – A Guide to the Different Styles

If perchance you are the owner of a house and it has a Navajo decor, there is no doubt that you will require a Southwestern area rug in order to complement the existing design. Undoubtedly, by laying them out on the floor, Southwestern area rugs assist in enhancing the appearance of a room.

Below you will find some of the various styles of southwestern area rugs.

Navajo Rugs

It is without a doubt that Navajo theme rugs are one of the most renowned southwestern area carpet designs that families choose for the decoration of their room. The Navajo carpets make you feel relaxed and cozy owing to its dull earth color, nonetheless, the design has been reviewed by customers as being complex unlike other rugs in the market.

They are the first choice for those who prefer their visitors to feel cozy when they visit their house. Perfect for people who are living in a Navajo-designed house.

Navajo theme rugs are the first choice for families or individuals that want their visitor comfortable and cozy when they come around visiting. It is the best option for families or individuals living in a house that has a Navajo theme decor.

Oaxaca Mexico Carpet Rug

The name basically speaks for itself, Oaxaca Mexico Carpets are manufactured in Oaxaca, which is geographically in the southern part of Mexico. Oaxaca is renowned for its indigenous crafts, among which includes rug weaving. Majority of the rugs manufactured by the Masters are unusual and that you will not find a similar design in the market. The manufacturers of the Oaxaca Mexico rugs have their designs inspired from the various landscapes found around them.

In time past, the Oaxaca Mexico carpet rugs were hand woven and not manufactured by machines just the way it is in recent times. Majority of the manufacturers or perhaps the Masters prefer the hand-loomed method for weaving their crafts

It is without a doubt that Oaxaca Mexico carpet rugs are ideal for a house with a southern decor. As a result of the unusual design, they are placed in the center of the room just so that the design can be appreciated.

Southwestern Spirit Rugs

Southwestern spirit rugs are manufactured from wool and they are very colorful. Just as the name implies, the designs and color schemes are such that it draws inspiration from the spirituality of humans. Most times the designs of the rugs have unusual designs that are related to religions. It is best placed in the resting areas of the house, places like the bedroom.

Handmade Southwestern Area Rugs

Handmade southern area rugs just as the name implies are handmade rugs and the history of the southwestern culture is included in the designs. Majority of the handmade southwestern rugs are designed in radiant Woody colors with simple designs and color schemes. It is best placed in houses with minimalistic designs and decor.

Designer Southwestern Rugs

Designer southwestern rugs compared to the other rugs mentioned have a contemporary design. Majority of the designs are inspired by both Asian and American cultures, and at the same time preserving its southwestern indigenous designs. The woven patterns of the designer southwestern rugs have radiant color designs.

The aforementioned are among the popular designs of southwestern area rugs that most people choose. Nonetheless, there are more choices and each one is unique in its own way. It is advised that you choose a southwestern area rug that suits the style and design of your house.