Telephone Geolocalisation: A Look at How Geolocation Works

Facebook desires to know “What’s on your mind?” Twitter expects to know “What’s happening?” But that trend is getting old. The next thing that people expect to know from you in the social platform is “Where are you?”-- and services like Foursquare, Brightkite, and Loopt require you to use geolocalisation telephone to perform the task.

The technology used for this service is referred as geolocation; and with the use of a GPS-enabled smartphone such as the Google Nexus One (RIM Blackberry), the Apple iPhone, you can utilize this service to let your pals know your present location, or to search for unknown places, or to check the location of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Irrespective of privacy concerns, geolocation will continue without any restriction.

How It Works

Typically, geolocation apps perform two tasks: They tell other users your location, and they let you know the location of other specific areas like restaurants, events, and bars. Geolocation apps installed on mobile devices offer a more luxurious experience than those installed on desktop PCs because of the mobile data changes and updates the location settings.

Today, Smartphones now incorporate chip, and the chip makes use of mobile data to detect your exact location (usually when the sky is clear, and you are outside), and services like the Google Maps can then perform the task. If GPS signal is unavailable on your phone, geolocation apps can utilize information from the service providers to detect your exact location. Although, this method does not provide an accurate result like the GPS, but there has been a significant improvement over the years. Some geolocation systems use cell site triangulation and GPS (in some cases, local Wi-Fi networks) coupled with the cell location: this combo is referred as Assisted GPS (A-GPS).

Provided that the sky is free and clear, the geolocation app installed on your phone can detect your location accurately. At indoors, it is less precise and accurate, and in areas where storefronts are close by, you have to choose your location within the app interface, and you can make your selection manually.