Thanks to faulty promotion tactics, finding best solar lights is not very easy


On this blog, we cover several basic tactics for promoting anything online. As you probably already know, if you are invisible online and you have a website offering some sort of service or product, you're not going to make money.

The iron rule of the internet is true now just as it has been true for several years now. The iron rule, of course, is that if you want to make money online, you better know how to generate traffic or you better know somebody who does. That's the bottom line.

In fact, we can reduce it to an even simpler sentence: No traffic means no money. Wrap your mind around that. Turn that into your personal mantra because until and unless you are able to live your online promotion life around that saying, nothing's going to happen to you. Simply hoping and wishing that something good will happen to you is not a strategy.

Please understand that promotion is crucial if you want to make money online. With that said, due to faulty or sloppy promotion tactics, finding the right products has become so much harder for consumers.

There are 2 sides to this equation. I've already covered the promotion side. You know that like the back of your hand. You know that going forwards and backwards. That's not the problem.

The problem is we need to create a win win situation otherwise both promoters and users, these are people who are end users and these are people who search the internet and social media for the right products to buy end up losing.

If you create crappy pages that claim to have the best outdoor solar lights but fail to deliver, you're actually shooting yourself in the foot. Sure this tactic might work for a few years, but eventually, you're going to end up with very little on your plate because you have poisoned the well.

You have to understand that online promotion really is an arms race. Whatever innovation you come up with, somebody else will try to beat you to the __. Somebody else will come up with some sort of disruptive technology or interesting marketing twist that will try to take your competitive advantage.

Whatever incremental improvements are made on one end of the online promotional spectrum, you can bet that somebody on the other end will try to come up with their own answer. It's a never ending struggle. This is why you really need to be careful regarding what you do.

If you focus on integrity and actually deliver the kind of products and experience the end user's looking for, there will be enough for everybody else. However, if you engage and spam and everybody else engages and spams, don't be surprised if there is very little to split up because the internet, at least as far as your niche is concerned, has been littered with all sorts of junk websites.

Sadly, in that situation, you have nobody to blame except yourself. I know it's harsh and sad, but it has to be said. Consider yourself warned.