Using a T-Shirt Heat Press: Step By Step Guide

If you had been dreaming of imprinting your t-shirts with your preferred emblem or design, you would be excited to find out that it is not very hard. Provided that you have a strong heat press and use the information available on carefully, you can then perform the task successfully by designing your t-shirt. This article provides guides on the utilization of a t-shirt heat press.

Before performing any task, you are required to wash your clothing in cold water, and ensure that they dry off. Once you are through and your shirts are ready, the next step is the creation of a design placed on the shirt. Be innovative and create something that is appealing and enticing.

After choosing the designs or styles, you are expected to use professional heat transfer paper to imprint the design which is the basic way of using a t-shirt heat press. It is important that you use a color ink for the printing to achieve a great result.

Now that you have completed the design process and the graphics are visible and printed out, cut them accordingly and ensure that you trim them close to the edge of the designs and images. A simple way of doing this is to use a color background so you can simply cut the shape effectively.

The next thing that is expected of you is to install the press and follow the instruction for the specific kind of material, the machine and transfer paper available. To achieve this task, you will need to perform three functions; set the system to the right pressure, temperature, and the time for each fabric materials. After setting this unit, then you start designing and imprinting the images on the t-shirts.

To get it done, place the image in the center of the t-shirt. You can use some alignment device like a ruler to ensure the right positioning of the garment. Some other means of positioning the image on the shirt are via the use of T-square or folding the fabrics in half lengthwise.